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I wanna make music, but I don't know what kind of music to make. I'm still trying to understand the basic genres (meaning what classifies as which genre) but that doesn't stop me from making things. Now I just gotta keep working hard.

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Posted by Sicarius771 - 11 days ago

I don't know how seriously a lot of you guys are taking this, but I just wanna say that I hope you guys are all staying safe. They're starting to open things back up (at least where I'm at) and I'm pretty skeptical that nobody has given a proper vaccine, treatment, or at least an all clear. I want to trust the scientists and doctors and nurses and all the people fighting against this, so I don't trust the government as much on any of it, especially with current/recent events.

Anyway, I'm just wanting to say I hope all off you guys are being smart and safe. You guys are the reason I do this and even if I don't know you I would hate it for something to happen y'know? Everything will be okay in the long run if we be smart, and the safer and smarter we be about it the faster everything can go to normal again. Let's just be hopeful that the day will come soon where an all clear is sent out across the countries. Catch ya later o/

-- Sicarius


Posted by Sicarius771 - November 25th, 2019

If you have even noticed, I was inactive for a really long time. That being said I'm attempting a comeback but I have a whole bunch of other crap in my life going on that is screwing me over big time in everything I'm doing. I have access to all my stuff again and I'm back to work on the music. I'm not sure what everyone wants, but I will supply whatever I can produce.

I'm gonna do a new thing, and I'm taking suggestions. If you have any suggestions feel free to DM me and I will get to you as soon as possible. I will be happy to take in any of your support, feedback (positive and negative), and suggestions. These suggestions can be anything possible; I could make a song based on a specific genre (or try to), I could do something different while making a song, I could check out your stuff and give you feedback, I could even invade Russia (but I'd probably die, so I'd rather not).

I'd also like to say thank you to the people who have stuck with me. It's kinda been nice knowing that some people have actually listened and maybe liked what I've put out. So thank you for sticking out for me! :)

I'm happy to be back, and I hope you enjoy what I've got for you in the near and distant future!


Posted by Sicarius771 - June 30th, 2019

Aahhh this is short but I just have to post here.. So today marks the one year anniversary of me being on Newgrounds with all of you guys! Gotta say it flew by not gonna lie, but it was fun to make all the music I had and to support some of my friends on here. Glad to be killing my brain for you guys, bye!!

Posted by Sicarius771 - June 19th, 2019

I just got my computer fixed and in hand, now I can finally get back to making music!!! Dang I'm pretty excited, I'll check in later~

See ya

Edit: I legit can't find my charger, it's not in my bag. I'm thinking the tech lady might of taken it accidently. Another setback, but I'm getting a new one tomorrow if I can't find it by then. Kachow~


Posted by Sicarius771 - April 17th, 2019

This is a short one, but could you get in trouble for reporting yourself??


Posted by Sicarius771 - April 1st, 2019

Real talk here, wtf is with the EU stuff? I can't even check on my songs or anything because it may be "dangerous". I'm not even European, I'm American. But if anyone knows why or how to fix it, please tell me. Thanks in advance~